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Lloyd’s Journey Photography

My name is Lloyd Alexander and I was born and raised in Portland. I now reside in Steep Falls, ME. I have lived in Southern Maine all of my life. I have been taking pictures for over 18 years. I am thankful for the digital age of photography, but I do miss the days of film as well.

Photography opens my eyes to the world around me. I see things I would normally pass by differently as I imagine how they could look through the lens of a camera. Birds jump out of surroundings where they seem to hide. Animals appear where I would never have expected them before. Treasures hidden in plain site are now seen. All because I simply open my eyes and observe. My journey has brought me some great encounters with wildlife and my friends have dubbed me “Dr. Doolittle, Grizzly Adams” because of these unique encounters.

This display is just a taste of those treasures I have seen. I hope you enjoy viewing the images here as much as I enjoyed taking them. Tag along on my journey as I hope to bring the world to your finger tips one image at a time.

Lloyd’s been published in Speedway Illustrated, nature magazines, and various newspapers throughout the region. You can also find his work at Full Circle Artisan Gallery, Rocks Estates, Portland Head Light, Kennedy Studios, the Maine Audubon, and Bintliff's American Bistro amongst other fine establishments.

Lloyd’s Journey is proud to also work with the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals in Maine and the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge in Chatham, NH. We provide images that are available to these fine places for use in all forms and donate a portion of sales from the images taken there back to help the animals. www.msspa.org and lokiclan.org

Visit us at our Smugmug site to follow the journey by viewing the latest images from my most recent journies or various galleries featuring specific animals, birds, places, and more.. www.http://lloydsjourney.smugmug.com/

Click on the links below to hear Lloyd talk about the stories behind some his images. The talk is from Spring 2011 at the opening of Lloyd's show at St. Kieran Performing Arts Center where he was the featured artist for the summer..

part one... http://youtu.be/3FXWsublth4

part two... http://youtu.be/TJV6SSEcVB4

Lloyd published his first book in November of 2012. "Let's Take a Journey; Inside Nature's Mystical World" has received great reviews. You may purchase a copy directly from Lloyd or at Nonesuch Books in South Portland, ME.


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